Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Can I pay by Cash or Card?

Due to Money Laundering  regulations, we do not accept cash, you can make payments via your credit (All major cards accepted) or debit card.

You can also make payments directly from your bank account through Sofort Banking

2. Can I get a discount?

FurpX offers various forms of rewards to its loyal customers from time to time, which could be in the form of a promo code or a discount voucher which can be used directly when making a transaction.

3. What is the maximum or minimum amount I can transfer?

On the app, you can only transfer a maximum of £400, but in the event you want to transfer a larger amount you can visit our main website where there is no limit to how much can be transferred, once all necessary documentations to justify the transaction have been provided.

Kindly note that sending limits when paying by card is subject to the card issuer.

4. What is the cut off time for payment?

We are at your service round the clock, ensuring we fulfil all your transactions so there is no payment cut off time, whether midday or midnight.

5. What happens after confirmation?

Once you complete a transaction and it is confirmed, you get a notification immediately to this effect, the payment order is sent to our processing portal, where we will confirm receipt of your funds and  your beneficiary will be credited with the amount instructed in minutes.

6. Do I need to create an account to send money online?     

Yes, you have to create an account.

7. How can I estimate fees before I start a money transfer?

Go to ‘Send to’, select the country you intend sending money to and the service you require, then click on ‘Continue’.

8. Can I send money to someone’s bank account?

FurpX allows you to send money directly to the receiver's bank account in over 130 countries.

9. When sending to a bank account, how long will it take for the funds to become available in the receiving account?                          

Many account deposits are completed within a few hours. Timing of funds availability in your receiver's account varies depending on destination country and is subject to banking hours and systems availability, good funds availability, approval by FurpX’s verification systems and local laws and regulations; banking business hours typically exclude weekends/holidays.

10. When sending money to be picked up as cash, how long does it take for the money to become available for pickup?                                       

Money is typically ready for cash pickup within minutes after the transfer has been sent successfully, subject to operating hours, availability, local laws/regulations and compliance requirements.

11. Can I cancel a transaction after 24 hours?

Call us on 02082077380 to speak with our customer services agent about your cancellation issues and we would be happy to help.



1. What beneficiary details do you need?

For prompt service delivery, we will need a correct bank account number, account name and beneficiary bank.

2. What does my beneficiary need to access funds?

The recipient of the funds only needs to be sure his account his active and not limited or restricted in any form, thereafter the beneficiary can go to the nearest ATM or his bank to access funds.

3. How soon will my beneficiary get the funds?

In the absence of issues, funds are credited to recipient account in real time or in a few minutes.

4. What information do I need to pick up money that was sent to me?           

When picking up cash, you will need the Reference Number/code for the transaction along with a valid photo ID which states your name just as the receiver has stated. Know the exact amount being received. At the bank, mention ‘FUNTECH’ as the paying company and present the full code as provided by the sender. The sender should give you the necessary details. Some countries also require a valid proof of address when an I.D. does not contain an address.

5. I didn't receive the funds sent to me, what do I do?

Do not wait for an SMS alert from your bank as this might be delayed, check your account balance to confirm receipt of funds sent. If after checking your account balance and the funds have still not been received by the end of the day, then send your bank statement for that day as evidence of funds not received via email to and we would treat it immediately.



1. How safe are my details?

We are regulated and bounded by the data protection as well. We employ certified state of the art technology to protect our site and most especially your details.

2. What do you do with my details?

Your details are stored securely on our servers, which makes it easier for you to make transfers when you return to our site at another date.

3. Can I make a transfer on behalf of a third party or allow someone else access to my account?

We will strictly advise you not to transfer funds for a third party or give someone else your access to make a transfer on your behalf. This is to ensure the safety of your details and funds.



I received an email from FurpX asking for my financial information. Should I provide it?

No. FurpX will never send you an unsolicited email asking for your personal or financial information. You should only submit this information if you are logged into your FurpX online account at The safest way to do this is to type the URL into your browser rather than clicking on a link embedded in an unsolicited email.


In the event of queries or further enquiries

Kindly fill the Contact Us Form

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